About Us

Our Mission

We believe in providing authentic Indian food. Established in 2015, Ocean Spice has been serving customers for years. The owner is passionate about food and has individually pioneered some of the signature dishes on our Menu such as the "MURGH KHUSBUDHAR" or the "FISH CHALDINE". His knack for understanding the true elements behind the vast selection of Indian spices has led to the success of Ocean Spice. By being able to blend the perfect mix of ingredients and spices, Ocean Spice is able to create aromatic curries which tantalizes the tongue.

Our Style Of Cooking
All of our dishes are 100% home style cooking instead of the traditional which was created for the British taste buds; the results are a truly memorable ambiance that goes well with Ocean Spice. We would like to echo this in our restaurant and so our aim is to give you the perfect dining experience. We create this by our inviting and relaxing decor, attentive but unobtrusive service; a mouth watering selection of cuisine from our homeland and a selection of fine wines from our diverse cellar. It is you our guests who create the atmosphere and make Ocean Spice what it is today. We believe that the creation of the finest meals begins with the selection of the best ingredients, so our Chefs take care to acquire daily the best produce available locally and the finest spices from around the world.

Note: Please, use our mobile numbers only if the landline or website is not working.